PENS students joined CEATEC tour / PENS生のCEATEC見学

On October 19, 6 PENS students and 12 KAIT students visited CEATEC JAPAN 2018, which was the largest exhibition of advanced technology in Japan. The exhibition was held in Makuhari messe in Chiba prefecture. Many companies and research groups were participating in the exhibition, and we could see and learn a lot of new technologies and application examples at their booths. 

10月19日にPENS生6名とKAIT生12名がCEATEC JAPAN 2018の見学をしました。CEATECは日本で最大の先端技術展示会の一つです。展示会は千葉県の幕張メッセで行われました。多くの企業や研究グループがCEATECに参加しており、最新技術や応用事例を実際に見て学ぶことができます。

First, we visited booths of H.Tanaka lab., Miyazaki lab, and Nishimura lab from KAIT. Students in the labs and professors explained their technology in detail.


Nai-san, 2nd year master student in PENS, reported her impression of some booths from Japanese technology campanies as below.


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I was really impress with this booth, beside of their interesting technology, the crew on this team are very kind and explain in English very well. They develop a tidying robot with ability to pick things up and put it back to their places. It has vacuum cleaner technology on its hand, make it can pick thin things up such as paper easily. It developed only half year for research purpose collaborate with Toyota as the hardware provider, they focused on programming the software for the robot ability.


[EchoCare Technologies]
This team made an interesting technology with a great purpose. They made a hardware monitoring system for elder people on their daily life. The most interesting point is, the hardware is very simple, just a small square thing to put in the ceiling. It is radar based technology without any camera, but can detect and monitor many things in about 50km. Even it can be used to detect the dangerous situation, for example if the elder person is falling and cannot stand up or even not breathing. This small thing has huge usability with impressive technology for me.


Besides, the following is a report by Bintang-kun.

I attended the CEATEC exhibition and found many new technologies that I have never met in Indonesia. one of the things that caught my attention the most was the BOT BN produced by BANDAI. CO. Ball robots based on Haro characters from the popular anime franchise "Mobile Suit Gundam" that will be able to communicate with users through artificial intelligence. It measures about 19 centimeters in diameter, and will be able to recognize the user's speech and analyze the meaning and intentions of their words. . Users will be able to enjoy conversations related to anime, including famous scenes with characters. users can have the robot for 138,000 yen.


Every other student was also eagerly seeing demonstration and hearing explanation from staff in each booth.  Thanks to their diligence, we can say this CEATEC tour was a really successful to learn the advanced technologies in Japan. We would also like to thank all of exhibitors for their efforts to show the high quality and impressive technologies in their booths. 

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There are other pictures. I will upload them in addition.

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