チュラ研修生の外部見学ツアー Sight Seeing Tour to Outside Agencies of Chula. Internship Students

 The report is so late.  I always say to the students, “Finish a kind of report as soon as possible”. Saying in one thing, and the action is another fro me.  On June 1 as the same as last internship program, we visited the AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) and JAXA (Japan Aerospace eXploration Agency).
This photo was taken in front of the spot for photo of JAXA.  It was also fine day like last year, very lucky!!!
The followings photos are put as time sequence for our memories.  The departure time from KAIT was 8:10. The members were 10 Chula. and 3 KAIT students and office manager of the international section and me. 

On the way to AIST, we dropped at the Moriya parking area for time adjustment. We took some margin by taking the traffic jam into account.
The arrival time to AIST was 11:15, although 11:00 was a schedule.  There are many reasons in a human society. 
They watched and took experience in the exhibition hall.  The therapy robot “Palo” attracts Chula. students, especially girl students.  The Palo has much effect for healing the patient.  Although it seems to simple appearance, sophisticated fabrication and acute appearance strongly attracts us.
The arrival at JAXA was just around 12:30.  At first as usual, the gathering scenery was taken in front of the spot for photograph.

After memory photo, we ate lunch, Japanese obento, and we proceeded to JAXA tour from 13:30.  The first item was watching the introduction video of JAXA, of course English edition. 

The blood goes up to head in the space due to no gravity compared with on the ground.  Not only space but also ground, the blood goes up to the head for me ^_^.  We, a male student and I tried to have experience.  The slope angle is 6 deg.  He kindly took my photo by my camera.  Our body shapes are so similar as if we were brothers, not a son and a father^_^.
We visited astronauts training facilities and control facility for spacecraft and communication to spacecraft crews.
Final visit course was exhibition hall.  A manager of JAXA, who has experience of stay at the JAXA office in Thailand, navigated and gave us explanation.  They communicated each other in some parts by Thai language, I could not understand at all (^_^).
The departure time from JAXA was just before 4PM.  The arrival at KAIT was about 6:30.  The all Chula. students were aggressively and positively watched all places we navigated.  It seemed to me that they were interested and enjoyed this tour.  It is one of our missions to give them many experiences and give knowledge.  Therefore, a visit to famous outside facilities is one contents of this internship program.  After this success tour, I am now thinking about next tour for not only for them but also us.

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